Boston, MA Auto Race Killed in Race Crash, Sept 1932

Auto Race Driver Burned to Death In Track Crash

BOSTON, Sept. 3—(AP)—Al Fraser of Philadelphia died today in the flames of seven automobiles which burst into fire after piling up during a race on the Readville track.

Two other drivers, a police sergeant and two spectators were slightly burned in the crash and the subsequent efforts to remove Fraser’s body from the pyre. More than 10,000 persons witnesses the accident.

The seven cars, with six others entered in the race, were traveling at mile-a-minute speed when two of them locked wheels and did a half turn on the dirt track. Fraser’s car thundered down the track into the standing machines, to be followed by four others.

Instantly flames leaped up from one of the cars. In rapid succession the gasoline tanks of the others, exploded, converting the wreckage into a flaming mass. All of the drivers jumped clear of their cars and the fire broke out expect Fraser.

Those injured were John O’Sullivan of Dedham and Tony Seguina of Boston, who heroically pulled Fraser’s body from the flames, and Louis Schiller and Harry Samorian, both of Boston, who assisted there.

Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL 6 Sept 1932