Chicopee, MA Paint Shop Fire, Jan 1900



The paint-shop of M. I. Fuller, on Pine street, at the Falls, was almost totally destroyed by fire about 8:15 o’clock yesterday morning. Mr. Fuller was passing through the shop and stepped on a parlor match, which lay close to some turpentine which had been spilled on the floor. The whole place was ablaze in an instant, Mr. Fuller being obliged to beat a hasty retreat. The fire department responded to the alarm with all possible speed, but it was more than 10 minutes after the alarm was turned in that they got to the scene of action. One of the hose companies pressed Osborn’s milk cart into service, attaching the reel to the rear of the vehicle. The horse was decrepit, however, and matters were not much improved, even with the company pushing behind. Arriving at the fire, however, the department did good work. The saved Mr. Fuller’s barn, which stood but 12 feet away, and also that of D. M. Cook, 20 feet away. The loss is about $1000, partly insured in the Delaware company through Oren Talley of Indian Orchard.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 23 Jan 1900