Haverhill, MA Bottling Works Explosion, May 1907


One Victim of Soda Water Tank Blow-up Is Decapitated.

Haverhill, Mass., May 14. – By the explosios [sic] of a soda water tank at the bottling works of O. A. Smith, here this afternoon, two men were killed and a third severly injured. The building was wrecked. The dead:
CYRUS KELLER, of Exeter, N. H. instantly killed.
JOSEPH SOUCI, died at Hale Hospital.

O. A. Smith, proprietor, received severe contusions about the head and body.

The explosion occurred while one of the employes [sic] was changing a tank. Smith was sitting in the building at the time and Keller had just entered the works. The tank exploded with terrific force, wrecking the building and shaking houses in the vicinity. Keller’s head was blown off, and Souci’s legs and arms were broken.

The Washington Post, Washington, D. C., 15 May 1907