Fitchburg, MA Falling Roof Accident, Apr 1889

A Narrow Escape.

George E. Hayward narrowly escaped being crushed by the falling of a gravel roof about 6 p.m., Friday. The wooden ell of the brick building, 337 and 339 Main street, had been removed, except the roof, which had been left to shelter the sheathing of the new brick ell in process of erection. Mr. Hayward, fearing that the roof was not properly secured, was putting shores under the roof, when it [illegible] and fell with a crash that was heard at a considerable distance. Mr. Hayward was knocked down, but was fortunately standing near a barrel which took the weight took the weight of the roof and probably prevented his being crushed beneath it, but two fingers of his left hand were caught between a rafter and the chine of the barrel, and he was held a close prisoner till liberated by Henry P. Tracey, who came to his assistance. The bones of the fingers were crushed. The gravel roof probably weighed two or three tons.

The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, MA 27 Apr 1889