Boston, MA Dwelling House Fire, Feb 1890

Human Beings Burned.
Eleven Lives Lost By a Fire in Boston.
Three More Fatally Injured,
While Six Others are Injured By Jumping From the Windows of the Burning Building--
Another Big Fire in Boston. Other Fire Losses.

Boston. Feb. 8--Shortly after midnight Saturday morning the dwelling house, Nos. 259-261 North street, occupied by Maurice Rubey's clothing store on the first floor and by lodgers, chiefly Italian families, on the three upper floors, was gutted by fire, which is supposed to have originated in the store. The flames speedily cut off escape by the stairway, and the inmates of the building had no means of saving their lives except by jumping from windows. Eleven persons were burned to death, three were fatally injured and six were seriously if not fatally injured.

Before the fire was discovered it had reached the staircase and was feeding upon the dry wooden stairs and rapidly spreading toward the roof. The sleeping lodgers were aroused in confusion and some were bewildered, and at once succumbed to the deadly smoke; others attempted to flee down the burning stairway and fell victims to the flames, while still others leaped from the windows to meet death or mutilation from contact with the pavement.

When the firemen arrived they quickly extinguished the fire and rescued those of the inmates who had managed by hanging out of windows or taking refuge on the roof to escape the deadly smoke and flames.