Boston, MA Dwelling House Fire, Feb 1890

The shrieks and prayers of the terrified people were mingled with the cries and groans of the injured, and the scene was a terrible one. In a few moments, however, the imprisoned people had been taken down the ladders, the injured removed to hospitals and the dead to the station house. it was then found that ten persons had been burned to death. All of their bodies were found huddled together on the top floor, they having fled from the lower rooms when they first discovered the fire, the flames having cut off escape by the stairway to the lower floor.

It is suspected that the fire was started for the insurance on the store. A man named Benjamin Simonds has been arrested on suspicion.

There is another story of the origin of the fire. it is said that during a drunken row over cards one man threw a lighted lamp at another, and thus started the fire.

The following is believed to be the correct list of the dead:

Bella Scanlon, 40 years, a widow.
Madelina Ciralone, 51 years, who lived with her husband, Giovanni.
Philomena Ciralone, 30 years, wife of Pasquale Ciralone.
Giovanni Ciralone, 11, son of Philomena Ciralone.
Pasqualeina Ciralone, 5 years, daughter of Philomena Ciralone.
Felix Centia, 30 years, a barber and single.
Martino Marchione, 35 years, a scissor's grinder.
Rosa Marchione, 30 years, wife of the last named.
Emily Marchione, 7 years, daughter of Martino Marchione.
Raffalo Petrilizio, 42 years a laborer.
Feile Lesia, 28 years.

The names of those injured and now in the general hospital are: Annie Cillmonti, 41 years, a widow; Pazzetto Ciratone, 7 years; Pietro Lombardazzi, 28 years, and Lodovico Molene, 35 years.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 3 Feb 1890