Springfield, MA Evening Union Fire, Mar 1888


It is Not as Bad ad First Reported--Six Dead and Several Injured.

Springfield, Mass., March 19--A More thorough investigation of facts in regard to the number of casualties at the burning of the Evening Union office reduces the death list considerably. Six employees net death, five from jumping and one from the flames; three others were badly injured.

The fire originated on the ground floor, and sped up the elevator shaft, cutting off all escape by the stairway. The building was a death trap. About forty editors and compositors were imprisoned in the fifth story, but many escaped by way of the roof and on a ladder raised by the fire department.

As some of the frenzied victims leaped wildly into the air, shrieks of horror arose from the great crowd below, followed by groans as the unfortunates struck the pavements. Attempts to check the fall of some of the jumpers with canvas and blankets were successful.

The following is a correct list of the casualties.

Burned to death, H. J. GOULDING, aged thirty-two, married; foreman of composing room.

Killed by falling, MISS GERTIE THOMPSON, aged eighteen, proof reader.
MRS HATTIE FARLEY, aged twenty-three, society editor.
C. L. BROWN, aged twenty-two, compositor.
W. E. HOVEY, Aged twenty-five compositor.
J. LANZON, aged thirty-five compositor, native of Quebec.

Injured: F. G. Ensworth, aged eighteen, clerk in counting room, compound fracture of leg, hand and wrist burned, probably fatal.
Thomas Donahue, aged thirty-two, compositor, left thigh fractured, face severely burned; probably fatal.
H. H. Myrick, employe Smith’s rubber stamp works, jumped; badly injured.

The Ohio Democrat, New Philadelphia, OH 15 Mar 1888


The Seventh Victim.

Springfield, Mass., March 12.--THOMAS DONOHUE has died at the city hospital making the seventh victim of the printing office fire.

The Ohio Democrat, New Philadelphia, OH 15 Mar 1888

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