Monomoy Station, NJ Twelve Die as Lifeboat Capsizes, Mar 1902

Five of the Victims Had Been Rescued
from Sinking Barge Only One Occupant of Boat Saved Disaster Happened Off Monomoy Station on Massachusetts Coast.

CHATHAM, Mass., March 17 — Seven brave life savers, practically the entire crew of the Monomoy station on the south of Cape Cod, met death to-day at their
post's of duty, and with them into the treacherous sea which capsized the lifeboat went five men from the stranded barge "Wadena," whom they vainly tried to bring in safely to the shore.
One man, Lemuel Ellis, through the heroic work of Capt. Elmer Mayo of another stranded barge, the "John C. Fitzpatrick," was rescued from the bottom of the upturned lifeboat.
Among those lost was William H. Mack of Cleveland, Ohio, who was on the barge representing his company, the Boutell Towing and Transportation Company of that
city, while Capt. Marshall N. Eldredge, one of the oldest lifesavers on the coast, went down with his men. All the lifesavers came from Cahtahn and Harwich. There is no Government pension for those whose husbands and fathers are lost in the lifesaving
service. so that the lot of the families who are left is a hard one.
The names of those who were lost to-day are:
LIFESAVERS — Marshall X. Eldredge, keeper, South Chatham; Edgar Small, Harwich; Elijah Kendrick, Harwich; Osborn Chase, Harwich; Arthur Rogers, North
Harwich; Isaac Thomas Foye, South Chatham and Valentine Nickerson, Harwich. FROM THE BARGE — William H. Mack, Cleveland; Capt. Christian Olsen, Boston: Robert Molanux, Boston, steward of tug
Feter Smith; Walter A. Zeved. Cottage City, and Manuel Enos, Cottage City.
Capt. Eldredge was a widower, but leaves a son and daughter. Surfman Small leaves a wife and two children. Surfmen Kendrick, Rogers, and Foye were married, but had no children. Surfman Chase leaves a
wife and two children. Surfman Nickerson leaves a wife and three children.

March 18, 1902 edition of The New York Times