Lowell, MA Fire, Nov 1860

DESTRUCTIVE FIRE IN LOWELL.----A portion of Whipple's Mill, Lowell, was destroyed by fire on Thursday night. The fire broke out in the card room of of Messers. A. & J. Cowley, manufactures of cotton and woolen goods, and the flames spread with considerable rapidity. The loss was from $10,000 to $12,000. Among the losers are O. M. Whipple, who owned the building; insured in the Home Office, New York, for $25,000, which covers his loss. The Messrs. Cowley, manufacturers of woolen goods, loss $3000 or $4000, insured for $2000 in the England office, Hartford. Geo. Naylor, carper manufacturer, loss $4000. C. R. Little, dyer and finisher, not very heavy, insured for $300 in the Dorchester Company. About seventy or eighty persons are thrown out of employment.

The Farmers' Cabinet, Amherst, NH 30 Nov 1860