Northboro, MA Water Tunnel Explosion, Apr 1961


Northboro, Mass. (AP) - A dynamite explosion killed one man and injured 11 others yesterday in a water tunnel being constructed 400 feet underground.
The explosion occurred at the working face of the tunnel more than three miles from the entrance shaft.
The dead man was identified as RODERICK F. MacDONALD, 26, of Boston. Two of the injured were seriously hurt.
In all, 22 men were working underground when the explosion struck. They were trapped for a time by fallen rock, but other tunnel workers dug them out.
Daniel O'Donnell, safety engineer for the Perini Corp., one of three contractors on the $70 million, five-year job, said the hard rock miners at the working face had prepared 16 charges of dynamite for firing when, some went off prematurely.

Troy Record New York 1961-04-27