Grafton, MA Deadly Lightning Strike, Jul 1950


Worcester, Mass., July 13 (AP) - Lightning killed one man and found its mark on at least five structures
in a brief but severe electrical storm that struck Western Massachusetts last night.
The victim was ROSCOE H. REED, 45, father of seven children who was struck while seeking shelter under a tree in Grafton. He had been fishing in Ripple Pond.
One-year-old ELAINE CORDIO was followed by lightning but escaped two separate bolts unhurt.
First a bolt struck the Westminster home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cordio. The father grabbed his daughter and took her to his roadside restaurant 50 yards away.
Then he returned home to help his wife who had been knocked across a room.
A moment later another bolt struck the restaurant and set it afire. Cordio raced back and carried his daughter to safety again.
One house was burned by lightning in Athol and the chimney of a dwelling in Millbury was knocked over by another.

North Adams Transcript Massachusetts