Auburn, MA Six Killed In Auto Collision, Jun 1959


Boston (AP) - Massachusetts Registrar of Motor Vehicles Clement A. Riley says Wednesday night's crash that killed six persons on the Massachusetts Turnpike at Auburn was caused by "beer and drowsiness."
Riley said inspectors of his department found that the driver of the car that went out of control over the center strip and collided with a car traveling in the opposite direction.
Worked a double shift in a Springfield plant until midnight Tuesday;
Went home, changed clothes, picked up four companions and at a.m. began a drive to Gloucester;
Fished all day and then started back to Springfield between 3 and 4 p.m.;
Consumed with other members of the party, a case and a half of beer.
Police identified the driver as ARTHUR J. DEVENO, 38, of Springfield. He was killed with three companions. A Springfield father and mother in the other car also were killed.
GERALDINE MAKARA, 15, whose parents were killed, lost an eye and had her nose severed in the crash. She also suffered internal injuries.

The North Adams Transcript Massachusetts 1959-06-20