East Brookfield, MA Train Wreck, Sept 1904


Special Train Strikes an Engine, but No One Is Injured.

East Brookfield, Mass., Sept 23.---The special train conveying the Archbishop of Canterbury from Bar Harbor, Me., to Washington was wrecked on the Boston and Albany division of the New York Central Railroad near the station here today. The archbishop was not injured, although considerably shaken up. J. Pierpont Morgan, of New York, who was on the train, accompanying the archbishop, also escaped injury.

The train, running at the rate of sixty miles an hour, was just passing the station when a detached locomotive, which had been drawing a train on the North Brookfield branch, ran onto the main line for some reason at present unexplained. The engineer of the special sighted a danger signal, but owing to the high speed of the train and the slippery condition of the rails, due to the mist of early morning, he found it impossible to do more than slightly reduce the speed of his locomotive. The engineer of the branch engine heard the on-rush of the special, but he had not time to move out of the way. The archbishop's train struck the North Brookfield engine with a terrific crash and demolished it. The other was thrown from the rails and landed across the east-bound track, near the wreck of the North Brookfield engine. The cars did not leave the track, [ineligible] of archbishop and Mrs. Davidson, as well as of others attending them, had been imperiled, and first inquiries were for them. Rev. J. Ellison, the archbishop's secretary, answered for those in the archbishop's private car, saying that no one way injured.

With the archbishop, besides Mrs. Davidson and Mr. Morgan, were Rev. Hyla Holden and Rev. J Ellison, and attendants. It was rumored that a maid was hurt, but her injuries were not serious. Traffic on the road was blocked for some time.

Several of the train hands were slightly injured. So great was the speed of the special train that the solitary engine was carried along 100 yards before it was dropped on the east-bound rails. The tracks were considerably damaged.

The archbishop's special train left Hancock Point, Bar Harbor's railway station, at 6 o'clock last night. It was due in Washington this afternoon.

The archbishop's special train, with a new engine, resumed its trip to Washington just before 10 o'clock, by the way of Albany. From that city the special train will proceed to Philadelphia and thence to Washington. It was intended to reach the latter city this afternoon, but on account of the accident the train will not be able to reach its destination until late to-night.

When the train left here it was stated that none of those on board except the porter, who was slightly cut, was feeling any the worse on account of the collision.

Albany, N. Y., Sept. 23.---The special train bearing the Archbishop of Canterbury, J. Pierpont Morgan, and their party arrived here a 1:20 p. m. and remained an hour.

The party was met at the railroad station by Bishop Doane and Mrs. Doane, Coadjutor Bishop Nelson and Dean Talbot, of All Saints' Cathedral, and several prominent citizens.

After introductions were over on the station platform, the party entered carriages and drove to All Saints' Cathedral. The visitors inspected this and the building connected with it and met the Episcopal clergymen of the city.

The original plans had included a formal welcome by Mayor Gaus and the celebration of matins, but on account of the delay in arrival the mayor did not meet the archbishop, and there were no ceremonies.

After spending an hour here, the English primate and his party left over the West Shore Railroad for Washington.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 24 Sept 1904