South Belchertown, MA Factory Accident, May 1860

SHOCKING DEATH OF A YOUNG WOMAN.---A correspondent of the Worcester (Mass.) Spy gives the following particulars of a fatal accident which occurred on Saturday afternoon, the 26th of May, at the [ineligible] manufactory of F. M. Bardwell & Co., in South Belchertown.

Henrietta Fuller, a young woman employed as a weaver in the factory, aged about eighteen years, went to a water cask to obtain water for washing. This cask was very near an upright shaft and coupling box, which was revolving at the rate of over one hundred revolutions per minute, and with which the dress of the unfortunate girl became entangled. With every revolution her head struck upon the strong iron frame work supported the regulator, crushing her forehead, and forcing her eyes from their sockets, while her body and limbs were horribly mangled and broken. The cask and the ceiling were covered with marks of the catastrophe, and the body was so firmly bound to the shaft that her steel skirts were cut with chisels before she could be liberated.

The New Albany Daily Ledger, New Albany, IN 2 Jun 1860