Springfield, MA Tornado, Jul 1877

A Tornado---Much Damage Done.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., July 9.----A tornado occurred at Westfield this afternoon. It came eastward through the gorge of Westfield river, and widened to half a mile, felling the trees, scattering fences and demolishing buildings until its force was expanded. It first struck the walls of the Salmon Falls paper mills, rebuilding from the recent fire, which fell, crushing in the engine house containing two men, one of whom was seriously hurt. Two men plowing saw the storm coming, and attempted to reach a barn near by. They and the horses were thrown to the ground and wounded by flying stones. When they recovered the sight of the barn was gone. A family of six persons in a house heard a whistling noise and knew nothing until they found themselves on the floor several rods from the site of the house. The rest of the building was destroyed. Two buildings and a dozen barns were blown down. The crops and trees are much injured. At Chicopee Falls the wind destroyed several barns and sheds an uprooted many trees.

The Indianapolis Sentinel, Indianapolis, IN 10 Jul 1877