Lowell, MA Merrimack Print Works Fire, Jul 1903


Merrimack Print Works Damaged to the Extent of $200,000.

LOWELL, Mass., July 18.---For a long time to-night the Merrimack Print Works here were in danger of complete destruction by a fire which had broken out in the company's immense coal sheds. The print works escaped the fire, but it is likely that they will not be able to resume operations for a considerable length of time by reason of the wrecking of the steam power plant of the company. The financial loss is estimated at $200,000.

At one time the fire worked itself to the corporation's immense storehouse, in which finished goods worth about half a million were stored, but the city firemen saved this structure and also No. 5 Mill adjacent. The coal sheds were of heavy wooden construction and well filled with coal. The boiler house also contained the economizers of the entire plant. The other mills of the company, which are independent of the print works, will be able to run by water power.

The New York Times, New York, NY19 Jul 1903