Boston, MA Steamers TWILIGHT & JOHN BROOKS Collide, Aug 1884


Seven Excursion Boats and a Tug Participate in It.

BOSTON, Mass., Aug. 20.--The most complicated collision ever known in Boston harbor occurred at 5 P. M. yesterday. Seven excursion boats and a tug participating.

A dense fog prevailed. At 5 o'clock the Portland steamer John Brooks with 80 passengers, when off Buoy 8, sighted the big Nantucket steamer Twilight with 500 passengers. Both boats stopped, but too late. The Brooks crashed into the Twilight and a panic at once ensued. Four Twilight passengers jumped on the Brooks thinking their own boat was sinking. In swinging away from the Twilight, the Brooks narrowly escaped collision with the Portland steamer Penobscot and the harbor steamer Gov. Andrew. Clearing these she struck the Rose Standish, scraping her entire side and crating another panic. Clearing the Standish, the Brooks nearly ran down the propeller Baltimore, but succeeded in getting to her wharf without further damage. The Twilight started for Hull and a few moments afterwards struck the Plymouth excursion steamer Stamford with 250 passengers, scraping her from bow to stern and taking off nearly the whole side to the water's edge. The paddle wheel was crushed and the shafts were broken, leaving her helpless. Her passengers thought she was sinking and were with difficulty kept from leaping into the water. The Twilight offered no aid but kept right on. A tug towed the Stamford to her wharf. The only person injured as an unknown lady from Somerville, who was in the stateroom on that side of the Stamford which was struck. She was taken home unconscious. A negro on the Stamford was knocked into the water but was rescued. The Twilight now lies at Hull, unable to get to Boston. The Empire State was reported wrecked, but lies anchored in Nantasket roads, waiting for tide. The Brooks, Twilight and Stamford are badly damaged, and will be laid up several days.

The Chester Times Pennsylvania 1884-08-20