Westfield, MA Dorman House Fire, Feb 1930


Mother Held Back When She Tries To Rush Into Flames

WESTFIELD, Mass., Feb. 7. (AP) – A wall of flames held back an hysterical mother and a bewildered group of neighbors here this morning while three of her seven children burned to death, victims of some game involving the kitchen fire.

When firemen finally were able to get into the home of MR. AND MRS. RALPH T. DORMAN of Elm terrace, they found only a charred and huddled group, seeking safety with the baby underneath the covers of their mother's bed.

The little victims were: ROY, 4 months; FRANK HENRY, 2, and MARGUERITE, 3.

MRS. DORMAN left for a neighbor's house to telephone. She left four children home. The eldest being BLANCHE, 5. BLANCHE carried word of warning to her mother, an insistent demand that she come, for the other children were crying.

Fire Chief Thomas H. Mahoney believed the children played with the fire in the coal stove.

Plattsburgh Sentinel New York 1930-02-11