Salisbury Point, MA Drownings, Jul 1912


Father on Opposite Shore Stands Powerless to Help Them.

Salisbury Point, Mass. -- While their father stood on the opposite shore powerless to aid them, three sisters, CHRISTINE McBETH, 16; VIRGINIA McBETH, 13, and HAZEL McBETH, 11, were drowned in the Merrimac River here when bathing.

The youngest McBETH girl waded beyond her depth and was carried under water. Her sisters, VIRGINIA and CHRISTINE, although unable to swim, went to her rescue, but the heavy waves sent all three to the bottom. GEORGE FOWLE, who had been swimming nearby, heard the screams of the girls and swam to help them. When he reached the spot all three girls grabbed hold of him, and although heavily handicapped, he made a heroic struggle to reach safety. FOWLE had reached within fifteen feet of a sand-bar when the children released their grip on him and sand. He swam to land, where he fell exhausted.
In the meantime FOWLE'S daughter ETHEL waded beyond her depth, and was rescued by ELIZABETH McBETH, sister of the three victims in a boat. The bodies of the McBETH girls were recovered.

Chateaugay Record New York 1912-07-12