Greenfield, MA Flood, Jul - Aug, 1915

On July 30 and again on August 2, 1915 there were exceedingly hard and prolonged rains, the latter assuming the proportions of a "cloud burst" and the estimated damage resulting therefrom, to the roads in town was placed at $6,000. Water was a foot deep in the upper bridge near Nash's Mills and even deeper at Smead bridge on Colrain street. The Allen Brook Gorge road was destroyed and never rebuilt. Shelburne road was rendered impassable. The road to Colrain through Shelburne, from the residence of Frank Gerrett in the Meadows was so badly damaged that it was thought by many to be better to build a new road rather than attempt to clear away the debris. The bridges on the two latter roads were destroyed as well as some others. An extended account of the storms and their effects is chronicled in the Gazette of August 7, 1915. On the following December 26, an exceedingly high wind blew down one of the old piers which had stood on the edge of Green river in Cheapside, since the days when the old Boston and Troy railroad bridge collapsed. The pier had become undermined by the action of the water and weakened by frosts and was unable to stand against the gale.

History of Greenfield : shire town of Franklin County, Massachusetts, page 1673