Boston, MA Cocoanut Grove Club Fire, Nov 1942

Cocoanut Grove Night Club Fire from Front View Of Building Side View of Building Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque

Boston, Nov. 30 (UP) -- Following is a list of the identified dead in the Cocoanut Grove disaster:
ALARIO, JOSEPH G., 54 Norton street, Dorchester.
ASHER, HARRY, Gardner Hotel, Boston.
ABERNATHY, JOHN H., lieutenant, junior grade, U. S. C. G.
ASHLAND, CHARLES, lieutenant, no address.
ASHE, LOUIS J., 143 Summer street, Quincy.
ANSIN, BEATRICE, 27 Channing road, Brookline.
AMBROSE, MARION, 42 Fine street, Winchester.
ANDERSON, SHIRLEY E., 10 Belknap street, Arlington.
ARNOLD, JR., HERBERT COLLINS, 1175 East Broadway, Hewlett, N. Y.
ALAMU, JOSEPH, 34 Norton street, Dorchester.
ABERNATHY, CATHERINE M., 410 Memorial drive, Cambridge.
ANTICO, MISS SOPHIA, 1 Benedict street, Somerville.
ARMSTRONG, FRANK, 60 Forest avenue, Framingham.
BORATYN, JOSEPH A., 47 Edgemere avenue, Whitinsville.
BERNSTEIN, JOSEPH M., 58 Kenwood street, Portland, Me.
BELZANINI, FRANK J., 50 Connecticut avenue, East Natick.
BAUER, KAROL RAYMOND, 298 Beacon street, Boston.
BIZZOZORO, ERNEST, 17 Squantum road, Quincy.
BELLOWS, HIRAM, 96 Morris street, Southbridge.
BAER, ARNOLD N., 10 Florence street, Dover, N. H.
BRENNAN, MARGARET, 45 Temple street, Boston.
BRODERICK, ARTHUR, 57 Neile street, Marlboro.
BROOKS, VIRGINIA, 817 Shawmut avenue, Boston.
BERNSTEIN, AMELIA, no address.
BIGGER, ROBERT, A., no address.
BRADY, ALICE R., 274 East street, East Walpole.
BREWSTER, JOSEPH M., 79 Falmouth street, Portland, Me.
BAGLEY, JOHN E., 4 Brooks street, Whitinsville.
BANER, KAROL R., 298 Beacon street, Boston.
BENNETT, DR. GORDON, no address.
CARRONE, JR., PAUL, 4 Chisholm road, Brighton.
CLANCY, 18 Narragansett road, Quincy.
COBB, JOHN C., 614 South Quincy street, Green Bay, Wisc.
CAPARELLA, FELIX J., 44 High street, Waltham.
CONNELLY, ARTHUR R., 11 Normandy road, Newton.
CHARLES, ROBERT B., 121 Elmwood avenue, Oak Park, Ill.
CUSHING, JOHN S., Landing road, Hampton, Va.
COHEN, EARL, 141 Homestead street, Roxbury.
COURTENAY, PATRICK, J., 21 Stearns street, Cambridge.
CARADONNA, VITO, 21 Merrymount street, Quincy.
CROWLEY, JOSEPH D., 65 Rockland street, West Roxbury.
CASAVANT, STEPHEN O., 28 Dresser street, Southbridge.
CARROLL, JOSEPH A., 69 Academy avenue, East Weymouth.
CATE, HENRY, ensign, no address.
CLARK, CLYDE C., 171 Cort street, Keene, N. H.
CLARK, MRS. CLYDE C., 171 Cort street, Keene, N. H.
COLLINS, ERNEST A., 1175 North Broadway, Newlett, N. Y.
CORNICK, HARRY J., 86 Bowdoin street, Dorchester.
COLEMAN, ROBERT J., 184 Greeley street, Clinton.
COLEMAN, MRS. ROBERT J., 184 Greeley street, Clinton.
COHEN, SLAURA, 82 Fowler street, Dorchester.
COUGHLIN, WILLIAM, 69 Bryant street, Quincy.
CONLEY, MARGARET, 722 Commonwealth avenue, Boston.
CAPONI, JR., CHARLES, 44 Wellsmere road, Roslindale.
CARBONI, RUTH M., 4 Cheswick street, Brighton.
CARMOHN, RUTH, Stearns road, Brookline.
CAFARELLO, MRS. HELEN L., 44 High street, Waltham.
COLLINS, JOHN J., 134 Walnut street, Chelsea.
CONNELL, FRANCIS, 158 Orange street, Roslindale.
CURTIN, NORMINE, 42 Play street, Cambridge.
CHALIBRAS, ANNA, 232 Vernon street, Worcester.
CAMPBELL, JAMES, no address.
COHEN, EVELYN, 141 Homestead street, Roxbury.
CAFARELLA, FELIX, 44 High street, Waltham.
CAMERON, EDNA M., 17 Washington street, Maiden.
CHIAMPA, JENNIE, 220 Hanover street, Boston.
COLBURN, GEORGE P., 39 Atherton street, Roxbury.
COLEMAN, MAXINE, Hotel Bradford, Hollywood, Cal.
CURTIN, ELAINE W. D., Eastham.
DUCEY, JOHN T., 22, 17 Abbot street Medford.
DOWNER, GERALD, 17, Columbus street, Beverly.
DONOVAN, JOHN A., 25 Chesboro street, West Roxbury.
DINEEN, JOSEPH, 5 Watson place, Winchester.
DOYLE, JOHN F., 522 Green street, Cambridge.
DE MATTEO, JOHN A., 185 Cornell street, Roslindale.
DEVINE, THOMAS A., 29 Homer road, Quincy.
DUHAMEL, CHARLES, 19 High street, Millis.
DILLON, JOHN, no address.
DOENDOLET, Lt. ARTHUR, U. S. N., 81 Highland avenue, Cambridge.
DATIE, EARL, Myrtle street, Ashland.
DOREHMAL, CHARLES M., no address.
DERBYSHIRE, ROBERT, 20 Fanneull street, Waltham.
DER STANDIG, DONALD, 220 Chelsea street, East Boston.
DEIGNAN, ALICE G., no address.
DUGGAN, MARY, no address.
DEFILIEPPO, MARIA, 36 Cottage street, East Boston.
DALEY, HELEN J., 26 Clinton street, Roxbury.
DORSEY, JOHN T., 15 Pilgrim road, North Weymouth.
DUCEY, ALICE, 15 Pilgrim road, North Weymouth.
ECHERLE, LAWRENCE, 422 West 58th street, Kansas City.
ESTES, JEROME, U. S. C. G., address unknown.
ELLIOTT, JR., JESSE D., address unknown.
ELLIOTT, MARION M., 46 Dickman road, Fort Sam Houston, Tex.
EDWARDS, JOHN W., naval student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
FITCH, H. R., 63 Institute road, Worcester.
FORD, JAMES H., Allston.
FOGEL, EDWARD J., Cambridge.
FARIOHOFF, SALVO, Dorchester, an army air cadet.
FITZGERALD, WILFRED H., Lake street, Wilmington.
FITZGERALD, JAMES A., Lake street, Wilmington.
FITZGERALD, JOHN, Lake street, Wilmington.
FITZGERALD, HENRY, Lake street, Wilmington.
FORTUNATI, JOSEPH, Hanson street, Somerville.
FORSI, WARREN E., Bluff street, Worcester.
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL J., 103 Grey street, Arlington.
FEENEY, TIMOTHY A., Oakland street, Medford.
FEINGOLD, HAROLD, 97 Miner street, Providence, R. I.
FALCONE, SAMUEL, 1 Verdi road, Worcester.
FORD, ALBERT R., 40 Cutler street, Winthrop.
FALCONE, SAMUEL, 112 East Central street, Worcester.
FANCI, JR., CHARLES M., 161 Cliff road, Wellesley.
FERRAOLI, SALVATORE, 159 Adams stret, Dorchester.
FORD, HAROLD J., Easton street, Allston.
FITZGERALD, MARGUERITE, 69 Bryant avenue, Quincy.
FRUTMAN, MRS. JEANNE, 59 Auburn street, Brookline.
FOX, MILDRED L., 6 Washington avenue, Cambridge.
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL J., 141 Shore drive, Quincy.
FLOOD, (FLOYD), ELIZABETH, 36 Webster street, Quincy.
FORD, JOSEPH A., 21 Williams street, Southbridge.
FORD, LAURENCE T., 55 Plymouth street, Quincy.
FINE, EDNA, 50 St. Paul street, Brookline.
FINNEGAN, PAULINE, Clearview avenue, Stoneham.
FISHER, THEODORE, 1666 Commonwealth avenue, Brighton.
FEENEY, MRS. MARGARET, Oakland avenue, Medford.



SSGT James P Kelley & PVT Daniel A Kelley

Jim & Dan were my grandfather's brothers. They were both Marines and perished before I was born. Jim joined the Marines straight out of BC High and had 2 sea tours & a stint at training stateside under his belt by the time he died in the GC Fire at age 25.
Dan enlisted 6 days before his 18th birthday and was active duty 22 days later on June 29, 1944. Dan was KIA on IWO Volcano March 3, 1945, 8 months and 3 days after he went active duty.
But in the Kelley family George, Phillip "Joe", John, Tim & ever Tommy in the Merchant Marine came home. They made sure we all knew of Jim & Dan's heroism.
No one is gone as long as the are remembered. Jim & Dan have a "Hero Square" at the top of Bunker Hill Street. It's the intersection near their home at 244 Bunker Hill St. The building is long gone, but the Hero Square is there.
Also when Charlestown High was naming the new school gym, Dan & Jim's names were selected along with a few others for that honor.
And of course Bill Durette of the Charlestown Historical Society keeps the memory of all who served in World War II from Charlestown alive.

75th Memorial

I can not be in Boston for the ceremony. However, I'd be interested in any pictures you or others take. If you wanted to do a small write-up for my very small blog (BostonMaggie.blogspot) I'd love to post it.
My grandfather's brother, SSgt James P Kelley, USMC perished in the fire. He was the with his friends Sgt Anthony Marotta, USMC, Mrs Alice C Marotta and Jim's date. The family was told that Jim got his date out & re-entered the club. I believe Sgt Marotta went back in, both attempting to get Mrs. Marotta & all 3 perished.
My family is 4th generation Charlestown, Jim's father "Big Mike" came over from Ireland and there were 8 children in the family. People came to tell my grandfather Owen "Frank" what they knew. The Marotta's we're from New York.
So, needless to say, I follow this story intently. Any info from the ceremony would be greatly appreciated.
Diane McInnis Miller

Cocoanut Grove 75th Anniversary Memorial

I along with a group of Bostonians in 2013 had a street the cut through the footprint of the Cocoanut Grove nightclub renamed, Cocoanut Grove Lane. On November 25, we are hosting a 75th Anniversary Memorial at the Revere Hotel, 200 Stuart Street in Boston from 1pm to 3pm. We would be very pleased to have you join us.
I can be reached via email or call me at 617-924-7613.
Mike Hanlon

Maryalice Klinger Chaifetz

Maryalice Klinger Chaifetz Yes, we are related, I did not know you left a comment until Patty Aronin, Anne's, daughter messaged me. I know the name Klinger, I remember my parents talking about Chickie, but do not know if I ever met him. I am sorry for your loss, I wasn't aware about the scholarship. But have seen the paintings she did. I have not seen or heard from Dolly since around 2001 or so. John and my sister Jeanine, also passed away as well as my mom is 2012, during Sandy. Jeanine the next year and John the year after that. We should stay in touch, Katie Metzger

Coconut grove fire - Dorothy Metzger

Helen, I am your cousin. My mother was Anne, the younger sister of Helen and older sister of Dorothy. I remember attending your wedding, and also remember Chickie. My mom passed away in 2009. I have a few old photos of Dorothy and one photo of your mom and dad that I discovered when cleaning out my mom's things. I'd love to hear from you. I love in Texas now. Do you know what happened to Dotty's daughter, Dolly? I have tried to Google all of you, but could never find anyone.

I believe I am your cousin

My mother was Helen Metzger Klinger. She had a brother John sister Ann and sister Dorothy. I believe your Mother was my aunt Terry by marriage to John. I was nearer in age to your older sister and brother John Michael.
My mother and Dorothy were very close. The things you have mentioned in your comment bring back so many happy and sad memories of Dorothy. When I was eight years old she left for Boston with no adult in her life to protect her.
Did you know she won a full scholarship to college for art but your grandmother encouraged her to turn it down so she could take that job singing at the Cocoanut Grove.
We never know how our lives will change with a simple decision. Are you in contact with Dorothy's Daughter?
I really hope you get this note. I would like to
know if you are my cousin.
Sincerely, Maryalice
PS I had a brother Charles (nickname as a kid Chickie). He passed away last year. He has two sons and three grandchildren.

New Calvary Cemetery and SGT Kelly from Charlestown

Two unrelated thoughts re to the CG fire: I recall a funeral director from South Boston saying how there are upwards of a dozen or more graves in New Cal cemetery right near each other, all with the same date: November 28, 1942. Eerie and sad.

I seem to recall my mother, who was from Charlestown, mentioning that Sgt James P Kelley of Bunker Hill St, a victim of the fire, had a brother, Danny--USMC, who later died at Iwo Jima. How sad.

Jean Marie

After 72 years, Jean Marie and I reunited our family's. Turns out she and her family spend summers 35 miles from where we live. Her father had family pictures I had never seen. And I got to see a picture of Jane Louise Sullivan as a young child. So, thru the pain of this, some good has come. Jean Marie & I plan on a get togeather again this coming year. Thanks to your site Jean Marie in N.Y. and I in Idaho have found each other. Louise O'Brien

Coconut Grove Fire

My aunt and godmother Jane Louise Sullivan I did not see listed. She was with Lawrence T. Ford that night as they celebrated being engaged. Both died that night.
Thru this site I found that I had a scond cousin, and after 72 years I got to meet her family. They live in N.Y. and I in Idaho.
I think of my aunt a lot, and have tried to learn about Lawrence T. Ford. As a 5 year old child, I only remember he had a wire terrier named Bunkie. As we approach Nov. 29th 2014 they are in my heart and prayers.

Thank You

I was contacted by a relative I did not know I had.
Her Father remembered a relative, in the fire. Thru that contact we exchanged picture. And just this August (2014) we met. 72 years later. I had (My aunts) name wrong. The correct was Jane Louise Sullivan. I have been blessed. Thank you!