Chicopee, MA Dwelling House Fire, Jul 1854

Fire at Chicopee---Four Lives Lost.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Friday, July 28. A dwelling-house, belonging to A. Bullens and occupied by two Irish families, near the Junction Depot, at Chicopee, was destroyed by fire about 1 o'clock this morning, and four people perished in the flames. Two of them were named CANTY, aged respectively 9 and 21 years; one named COUGHLIN, aged 25, and the other named COLLINS, aged 8 years. The bodies have been recovered, but in a shocking state, and the head of one of the unfortunate girls was not to be found at all. A young man named PATRICK BOLAR was badly burned in rescuing his mother from the flames. The fire was first discovered issuing from the room occupied by the victims. House valued at $1,300; insured for $660.

The New York Times, New York, NY 29 Jul 1854