Boston, MA Trainman Killed by Train on 80th Birthday, Jan 1907


William O. Clapp Celebrates Anniversary of Birth and Falls Under Car Wheels on Way to Work---Watchman at Norrh[sic] Station.

Happy and proud, surrounded by his friends, William O. Clapp of Somerville yesterday celebrated the 81st anniversary of his birth, and then at the close of the day's festivities, as he was headed for his night's employment, with the good wishes of his friends still ringing in his ears and his hand still warm from the hearty clasps and handshakes, he fell beneath the wheels of a train and his life was crushed out.

Today the battered and bruised body of the unfortunate man will be tenderly carried to the home on Howe street and laid in the room next to one in which his only daughter lies dying, all unconscious of what has happened to her "dad," the light of her life.

Clapp has been employed as a watchman at the North Union Station in Boston for twenty-eight years, and he was on his way to work when he was killed. He was boarding an inward-bound train at what is known as the "Hoodoo" crossing in Somerville when he slipped and fell beneath the wheels and the train starting up suddenly passed over his body. He has lived at 16 Howe street for the past thirty-seven years and lost his wife but a few months ago.

The Boston Journal, Boston, MA 30 Jan 1907