Springfield, MA Near Drowning, Dec 1894


Alma Eggert, one of the living picture models whom Kilanyi brought with him to this country, came very near being drowned at the Garden theater in New York Monday night. A new picture, called "La Cascade," was added to the series presented in "Little Christopher Columbus." In this a naiad is shown, crouching under a torrent of water. After the curtain had fallen it was found that something was wrong with the apparatus which regulated the flow of water, and it was fully three or four minutes before the torrent could be shut off. When this was finally accomplished, and Miss Eggert who posed as the naiad, could be removed she was in a fainting condition. She revived after restoratives had been applied and was wrapped in blankets and dosed with brandy. Miss Eggert was the Aphrodite in the first series of living pictures presented by Kilyani at the Garden in "1942."

Springfield Daily Republican, Springfield, MA 1 Dec 1894