Springfield, MA Kirkham & Oldmstead Block Fire, Dec 1887


SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Dec. 2.----About 4 o'clock this morning Mr. and Mrs.. L. J. Cass, who have apartments in the five four-story brick block known as the Kirkham & Olmstead Block, corner of State and Willow streets, were awakened by a crackling noise, accompanied by dense smoke. Investigation revealed the fact that a fire had started and was under good headway in the rooms of the Winthrop Club, which occupied nearly the entire upper floor of the block. The other occupants were quickly aroused, and they all succeeded in reaching the street safely, though some lost many of their effects. After a stubborn fight the fire was got under control, but not until the block was gutted. The cause of the fire, which appears to have started on the club room floor, is not yet apparent. The loss may reach $100,000, of which $30,000 is on the building. The Winthrop Club will lose about $15,000. The damage to other occupants is principally by smoke and water and is very heavy, particularly on the main floor. The Collegiate Institute had a drill hall on the upper floor, next to the club room. On the third story were apartments and offices. On the second floor were the Collegiate Institute, Prof. Zuchtmann's music rooms, the real estate offices of J. D. & W. H. McKnight, Dr. Harvey, W. C. King & Co., book publishers, and the Metropolitan Insurance office. The main floor was occupied by Wilson & Patterson, stove dealers; the State-Street Butter Store, Smith's cigar store. Moore's plumbing establishment, Bull's harness store, and E. W. Clark & Son, florist.

The New York Times, New York, NY 3 Dec 1887