West Medford, MA Runaway Accident, Oct 1897


Two Daughters of Col. Hallowell Escape With Slight Injuries.

There was a serious runaway accident on the new Mystic Valley Parkway in West Medford at 3:15 o'clock Thursday afternoon, and as a result the two young daughters of Col. Norwood P. Hallowell of Mystic Street, that city, are at their home much shaken up and considerably bruised, and a valuable horse was so badly injured that he was shot by Park Officer John Powers.

The Hallowell girls were enjoying an afternoon's pleasure drive along the banks of the Mystic lakes, when the horse attached to their dog cart took fright from some unknown cause, and started at a fearful pace down the slight hill near the dam toward a mass of carriages and bicycles. The older girl, who was driving, held to the reins heroically, and did her best to stop the infuriated animal, but her efforts only seemed to make the horse more wild.

Suddenly the animal changed his tactics, and began to kick. The shafts were broken short off, the harness was torn to fragments and the dasher board reduced to splinters. The girls were thrown from the dog cart, and as the horse tried to clear himself, still making use of his heels, he broke the left leg entirely off at the ankle.

Park Officer Powers was hurriedly summoned, and the horse was shot.

The girls were taken to their homes and were found to be but little injured, although greatly frightened.

The dog cart was a wreck, and the harness damaged beyond repair. The horse had been in the possession of the Hallowells for years.

Boston Morning Journal, Boston, MA 15 Oct 1897