Woburn, MA Woburn Chemical Works Fire, Mar 1915

Woburn Chemical Works Burned---

The greatest property damage was done at a fire that destroyed the Merrimac Chemical Company's plant in North Woburn, late yesterday afternoon, the company suffering a loss of $200,000. One young man was seriously burned by falling into a pool of sulphuric acid and all of the firemen were slightly injured by sulphuric spray from burst tanks that filled the air.

The fire destroyed the building in which were stored 10,000 gallons of sulphuric acid in lead tanks and 250 barrels of alum. The melting of the lead tanks caused the acid to flood the ground all about the building.

Warren Allan, 16 years old, who was watching the fire, tripped and fell into a pool of acid and before he could be fished out was terribly burned about the body and head. He was taken to his home where it is said his condition is serious. The cause of this fire is unknown.

Boston Morning Journal, Boston, MA 2 Mar 1915