Boston, MA Street Car Wreck, Sept 1911


One Boy Thrown From Seat to Running Board, Thence to Pavement.

Two heavily loaded surface cars collided at Washington and Waltham streets yesterday afternoon, a number of passengers being severely shaken up and one boy being thrown from his seat to the street, although not injured seriously.

According to the Elevated officials the accident was probably due to a green motorman on a City Point car which was behind a Grove Hall car.

The Grove Hall car stopped suddenly to take on a passenger and the rear car struck it, the motorman apparently not applying his brake the headlight on the South Boston car, but did no other damage, the impact being sustained by the bumpers, which met squarely.

Six-year-old Arthur E. Lawler of 30 Ray street, who was on an end seat of the Grove Hall car, was thrown to the running board and from there fell into the street.

He was thought to be seriously injured at first and was sent to the City Hospital in an ambulance from the East Dedham street station, but was found to have escaped with slight bruises.

The Boston Journal, Boston, MA 4 Sept 1911