Palmer, MA Chicago Express Mishap, Apr 1909

Postcard view of the Accident



Palmer, April 29. -- Passengers on three sleepers, the diner and a passenger coach on the east-bound Chicago express on the Boston & Albany division of the New York Central railroad were severely shaken up and half a dozen sustained cuts and bruises when a broken rail sent five of the eight cars off the track about a mile west of the station at 8:20 a.m. today. The derailed cars came to a stop leaning against a high ledge which it was thought prevented a more serious accident.
The train was on time and the engineer had just shut off steam in preparation for a stop here when the bad rail was encountered. The engine and first three cars slid over without trouble, but the rail fell as the fourth car struck it. There was a crash, a trembling of the cars behind as the wheels bumped along the ledge. The next moment the cars stopped and the passengers picked themselves up from the corners and from under the seats where many of them had been thrown by the sudden stop. There was some groaning, but it was soon discovered that no one had been killed and that all the injured had dragged themselves out and were rubbing their bruises or staunching their cuts without assistance.
The local officials at once sent for medical aid from this town and Springfield but when the doctors arrived they found that first aid had been rendered the injured and that their services were required in binding up wounds more professionally.
The west-bound track was soon cleared and a following train was switched over onto it, and picking up the passengers from the wrecked train started on to Boston with about an hour's delay. The division superintendent was of the opinion that it would take all day to clear the east-bound track.

Lowell Sun Massachusetts 1909-04-29