Detroit, MI House Fire, Apr 1873

THREE CHILDREN BURNED TO DEATH. Near Detroit, on the night of the 24th ult., the house of Henry Peters was destroyed by fire and three of his children perished in the flames. Mr. P. and his wife left their four daughters to go out for the evening. Upon their return they found where their house and been, a heap of blackened ruins. Their oldest daughter, who, after anxious searching, was found in the neighborhood almost dead with fright and seriously burned, told them that at about 11 o'clock that night, after all the children had been abed and asleep for some time, she was awakened by a great heat and opening her eyes, discovered the bed and the room enveloped in flames. She made her escape, but the other three were burned to a cinder.

The New-Hampshire Patriot, Concord, NH 9 Apr 1873