White Pigeon, MI Dynamite Explosion, September 3, 1891

From the Somerset (PA) Herald—September 6, 1891:

Sixteen Men Annihilated

White Pigeon, Mich., Sept. 4.—The dynamite factory of F.A. Reynolds & Co., near this place, exploded last evening.

Sixteen workmen, mostly Swedes and Norwegians, were completely annihilated. Not an atom of the victims is to be found, and it is impossible to tell their names, as the company’s books, pay rolls, etc., are lost.

It is estimated that there were 20 tons of dynamite in the building, which was a three-story brick. Scarcely a vestige of it remains. The loss is estimated at about $35,000.

The concussion in White Pigeon was awful, and the citizens were badly frightened. Goods in the stores were thrown from the shelves, and houses rocked to and fro. The spire of the German Lutheran Church fell with a loud crash, and the walls of several buildings are cracked and otherwise damaged.