Benton Harbor, MI Deluxe Hotel Fire, Dec 1949


Leaps Through Window To Escape Flames

Prof. Prince Haggerty, Sr., Spiritualist reader, communicated faster than usual with the "outside" world last night when fire broke out in his suite at the Deluxe hotel, 104 South Fair Avenue.

Trapped momentarily when flames blocked the doorway, the Prince departed his inner sanctum hurriedly through a window he smashed. He then summoned city firemen.

On arrival about 9:10 p. m., firemen found the whole interior of Haggerty's suite a blazing mass of flames. Heavy lines from nearby hydrants were put into play to knock the fire out.

Firemen quoted the Prince as saying he discovered the blaze when he entered his office to look for some reports. He said he had just returned from South Bend, Ind., where he also maintains a practice.

Firemen said the Prince told them while looking for papers on his desk, he turned around and saw fire suddenly leap up from a space heater. He said it quickly engulfed the office and blocked the single exit. He said he was forced to smash a window to get out.

Firemen said it was necessary to knock down plaster board partitions to quell the blaze. They reported extensive damage from flames, smoke and water. The building a one-story frame structure, is owned by Henry Dumas, 890 Highland avenue.

The News-Palladium, Benton Harbor, MI 8 Dec 1949