Red Ridge, MI Steamer BON VOYAGE Fire, May 1901



Houghton, Mich., May 10. - The passenger steamer Bon Voyage caught fire in Lake Superior tonight and was beached near the Portage ship canal. A telephone message from Red Ridge, the village nearest the spot where the steamer was put on the shore, says that five passengers, all women, were drowned in getting from the boat to the shore. The rest of the passengers, all of them men, and the crew, escaped in safety to the beach.

The persons drowned were five members of the Altman family of Laurium. They included the grandmother, mother and the latter's three daughters. One daughter was rescued.

The burning steamer was first sighted about 9 o'clock. She was then several miles out from the shore and was headed for the beach. The steamer was burning fiercely, but was apparently in control of the crew. The steamer struck the bottom nearly a mile from land, owing to the shoal water. Observers from a distance failed to see the lifeboats lowered, but they must have been used to aid the passengers and crew who escaped. The steamer is now seen to be wrapped in fire from bow to stern and will probably be a total loss.

The Bon Voyage is owned by Singers White Line Transportation company of Duluth and is 153 feet long by 30 feet beam.

The Butte Weekly Miner, Butte, MT 15 May 1901