Grand Haven, MI Wall Collapses, Apr 1884


Grand Haven, Mich., April 17. -- Yesterday morning the walls of the brick three-story hardware store owned by George E. Hubbard, which were left standing after the building had been gutted by fire March 30, fell to the ground, burying the two-story saloon and boarding house of DANIEL AFFELDT. In the ruins, together with seven persons, and crushed in S. Juistemas' shoe shop and the west wall of James Barnes' furniture store, completely ruining the building.
The fire department with Chief Engineer Holmes at its head, aided by a few citizens, plunged into the debris and rescued four persons alive and dug out the bodies of the remaining three.
The names of the dead are:
DANIEL AFFELDT, the proprietor.
A child, name unknown, three years old.
MICHAEL MURPHY, a boarder.
The rescued were:
HUGO AFFELDT, a child five years old.
FREDERICK LONG, a boarder, all of whom were more or less severely crushed.
At eight o'clock, Mayor Tate, accompanied by Marshal Waltman and Assistant Chief Engineer Palmer, went to Mr. Hubbard and demanded that the balance of his brick walls be taken down at once, as they were liable to fall. Hubbard refused, and the Mayor ordered a special council meeting to take action on the matter. The Council decided to let the walls stand until the present high wind abates.
The coroner held an inquest in the afternoon, and the jury returned a verdict of accidental death in the case of the victims, Hubbard being exonerated from blame in the matter. No further damage is expected from the wide walls, as they have fallen to the first story, but the end walls are regarded as dangerous, and guards are posted to keep citizens at a safe distance. The total loss on the injured buildings is about $6,000.

Ohio Democrat New Philadelphia 1884-04-24