Harbor Beach, MI (Lake Huron) Fishing Tug SEARCHLIGHT Lost, Apr 1907



Harbor Beach, Mich., April 25. -- All hope for the safety of the fishing tug Searchlight, which was struck by the furious northwest gale off this port on Tuesday night, has been abandoned. Life savers, who have been searching for the missing craft, returned to port with pieces of wreckage they had picked up in Lake Huron bearing the name of the steamer. They also brought back seventeen more fish boxes which the craft had on board.
The last heard of the Searchlight was when she left the fishing ground in Lake Huron off this point, and started to return to port Tuesday night.
When the boat failed to reach port, the lifesavers with a government tug, set out in search. After patrolling the lake for many hours, they returned to port, having found nothing but some fish boxes five miles south of the point where the Searchlight was last sighted by the lookout at the life-saving station.
The missing crew are:
WALTER BROWN, captain, Harbor Beach.
HARRY BROWN, mate, Harbor Beach.
EDWARD COVEAU, engineer, Bay City.
MERTON PERKINS, fireman, Harbor Beach.
JOHN LESTER, deckhand, Harbor Beach.
ANGUS MURRAY, deckhand, Detroit.

Daily Chronicle Marshall Michigan 1907-04-25


Fishing tug Searchlight

Saw article that remains of SearchLight and crewman were found in November 1913 storm. Names of the crewmen listed showed Harry Brown, should be Harvey Brown he was my Grandfather. We have never heard

any information about the finding mentioned, as far as we know no one was found and some wreckage that was found was questionable. Just FYI

1913 Updates on the "Searchlight"



reportably in November 1913 during the great Storm remains of a unknown crewman and debris of the Searchlight were found near harbor Beach
See Dwight Boyer true tales of the great lakes .p.295

remains of Search Light

According to great Lakes Shipwreck file- remains of Search Light and a crewman were found in November 1913 storm