Eagle Harbor, MI (Lake Superior) Steamer S. R. KIRBY Wreck, May 1916


Both the Kirby and Hartnell loaded ore at Ashland, Wis., and left there Sunday. The steamer and consort will be remembered by marine circles by the circumstances in which they figured two years ago when, because of a severe storm, the Kirby was compelled to drop the Harnell just outside of the Duluth harbor. The Hartnell drifted onto the beach on Minnesota Point and was the object of a good deal of anxiety for days before she was released.
The Kirby was of wood and steel and was built in 1890. She was 294 feet long with a beam of 42 feet and had a gross tonnage of 2,328.

Story of Survivor.
"I was standing the captain's watch," said Mate MUDRA, today. "The captain had gone below only a few minutes before. I never saw him again.
He probably was drowned in his cabin. We were making good headway past Eagle Harbor. The Kirby broke in two without any noise, quickly filled and settled. There was no explosion. I saw No. 1 hatch begin to crumple up, crack and part. Then the ship commenced to sink at the center, both ends rising. The cargo of ore ran out of the cracks in her middle. Then the vessel plunged. Two of us were picked up."

Members of the Crew.
(By United Press)
Cleveland, O., May 9. -- The steamer Kirby, reported to have gone down in a heavy gale on Lake Superior, was owned by the Northwestern Transportation company of Detroit and operated by H. H. Brown & Co., Cleveland. The Kirby, built in 1890, was 308 feet long, 42 feet beam, had a gross tonnage of 2,479 and capacity of 3,300 tons. She was valued at $125,000. Following is a list of the crew of the Kirby.
D. GIRARDIN, Detroit, master.
E. M. DOUGLAS, first mate, Detroit.
JOSEPH B. MURDA, second mate, Chicago.
JOHN WESTON, wheel man, Chicago.
ROBERT POWERS, wheel man, Detroit.
LOUIS FLODINE, watchman, L'Anse, Pa.
LYALL BLAZDELL, watchman, Detroit.
ANSELL PETERSON, deckhand, Erie, Pa.
ELMER RYDALPH, deckhand, Superior, Wis.
ROBERT THORP, deckhand, Superior, Wis.
WILLIAM WINGER, coal passer, Duluth, Minn.
FRANK CASEY, coal passer, Chicago.
SYLVESTER SMITH, engineer, Marine City, Mich.
RALPH SMITH, second engineer, Marine City, Mich.
ANTHONY RIBBLE, oiler, Marine City, Mich.
HENRY BOLLMAN, oiler, Marine City, Mich.
BERT HEATH, fireman, Marine City, Mich.
WARD HEATH, fireman, Marine City, Mich.
OTTO LUNQUIST, fireman, Pequiang, Mich.
HARRY MARTIN, steward, Harrow, Ont.
ALBERT ANDERSON, second cook, Superior, Wis.

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Wisconsin 1916-05-09


Henry Bolleau of the S. R. Kirby

Numerous spellings are given for Henry's last name. Capt. C. C. Balfour of the Utley was instrumental in rescuing the Hartnell, the barge in tow by the Kirby. I am currently writing an article about the Kirby and the Marine City men on the vessel. Any information about Henry Bolleau would be greatly appreciated.

S.R.Kirby sinking crew list

The man listed as Henry Bollman from Marine city was listed wrong. Should be listed as Henry Bolleau. Who was my mothers Uncle. Any questions please feel free to E-mail me.