Whitefish Bay, MI (Lake Superior) Steamers SUPERIOR CITY and WILLIS L. KING Collide, Aug 1920



(By United Press)
Cleveland -- Federal officials today started an investigation of the sinking of the freighter Superior City with a loss of twenty-nine persons following a collision with the Willis L. King off Whitefish Point, Friday night.
The captain, EDWARD L. SAWYER, of the Superior City, one of the four of the crew saved, was in Cleveland today but refused to discuss the sinking.

(By United Press)
Marquette, Mich. -- An immediate investigation of the ramming of the freighter Superior City by the Willis L. King, which caused the freighter to sink with the loss of 29 lives, will be made, it was announced here Sunday night by Steamboat Inspectors Gooding and Hanson. The four survivors of the disaster were still at the Soo Sunday.

(By United Press)
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. -- Although searching parties worked all day Sunday, none of the bodies of the missing members of the crew of the freighter Superior City, sunk off Whitefish Point, Friday night, have been recovered according to information here today. None of the men had on life belts, it was said, and searchers are doubtful of the recovery of bodies.

With practically no chance to save themselves, twenty-eight men and one woman, members of the crew of the giant ore carrier, Superior City, were blown to their deaths last Friday night, when the steamer Willis L. King collided with the Superior City , punched a hole in its side, through which a torrent of water poured down into its furnace room, causing an explosion which virtually blew off the ship's stern.
In less than two minutes after the crash, according to four survivors, the ship keeled its load of 7,500 tons of ore carrying it quickly to the bottom in about two hundred feet of water. This collision occurred four and one-half miles northeast of Whitefish Point. The sea was calm, though, and air was just a trifle hazy, according to survivors.
The survivors were:
Capt. EDWARD SAWYER of Almont, Cal.
M. LEBUE, Chicago, second mate.
PETER JACOBSON, Cleveland, wheelsman.
WALTER RICHTER, Lorain, O., boatswain.

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