Corunna, MI Furniture Plant Fire, Oct 1901

Furniture Plant Destroyed.

Corunna, Mich., Oct. 2. -- FOX & MASON'S furniture plant, comprising six buildings, was destroyed by fire tonight. A gasoline tank exploded, spreading the flames to the other buildings and lumber piles. CHARLES WILCOX was fatally and GEORGE BRANDS and H. S. EVELETH badly injured. One hundred and twenty-five men are thrown out of employment. The loss will be over $60,000, with insurance one-third of that amount.

Davenport Daily Republican Iowa 1901-10-03


Spontaneous Combustion.

Spontaneous Combustion.

Corunna, Mich., Oct. 3. -- Fox & Mason's furniture plant of six buildings was destroyed by fire, entailing a loss of estimated at over $60,000. The insurance is only $19,500. The fire is supposed to have originated from spontaneous combustion, starting in the main factory. A gasoline tank exploded, spreading the flames to the buildings and lumber piles. Charles Wilcox was standing near the oil take when the explosion occurred. He was hurled 30 feet and will die of injuries. George Brands and M. S. Eveleth were also badly, although not fatally, injured.

The Daily Herald, Delphos, OH 3 Oct 1901