Owosso, MI Auto Wreck, Jun 1921

Woman Learning To Drive Motor Sees Cat, Dies

Owosso, June 18.—Mrs. Blanche Benner, 46, owner of an automobile accessory store here was killed late last night when the automobile she was learning to drive went into a ditch near here. Mrs. Benner’s husband was killed seven months ago in a similar accident.

Andrew Donovan, manager of store, who occupied the car with her, begged Mrs. Benner to let him take the wheel after a black cat crossed the road in front of the machine. Mrs. Benner laughed and replied that she “was not superstitious.” She lost control of the car immediately afterward and it went over a 12 foot embankment.

Donovan was pinned under the car, but escaped with minor injuries.

Ann Arbor News, Ann Arbor, MI 18 Jun 1921