Seneca, MI Head-On Train Collision, Nov 1901

Sifting Wreckage for Bodies One of the Ruined Engines

Partial List of Killed:
Fireman BALDORF, of Engine 51, who was crushed to death in his cab.
JAMES BROWN, colored, porter.
E. N. DENELLE, Kansas City.
GEORGE W. YOUMANS, contractor, Kansas City.
JOB WITCHELL, merchant, Detroit, Mich.
HERMAN POESCH, 48, Dearborn Street, Chicago.
GIROLONO TRINE, an emigrant.
DOMINICO CREBARO, an emigrant.
CARLO TRINE, an emigrant.
VIDA DEGAS, Tupperville, Ontario.
IDA DANHART, Pereville, Ontario.
Partial List of Injured:
GEORGE SWEENEY, Detroit, Mich., bruised about head and legs.
F. B. RICHARDSON, Detroit, Mich., express messenger, head cut and both legs mangled; badly hurt.
MARY DOLMAN, Detroit, Mich., injuries slight.
H. C. WHELNEY, Grand Rapids, Mich., badly cut.
L. LLOYD, Kempton, N.D., head badly injured.
VICTOR COHEN, hit on head by water bottle, Brooklyn.
FRANK R. BEIDLER, Baltimore, Md., left arm and ribs broken.
MOULTRIE GRIEG, Joplin, Mo., bruised.
E. E. SMITH, Detroit, leg broken.
W. E. GILLEN, Fairbury, Neb., jumped from smoker window with four others and cut seriously.
E. LARDELL, porter, No. 4, slight injuries.
S. McLEMORE, porter, No. 13, slight injuries.
MRS. THOMAS CREHAN, Buffalo, leg injured.
ANTONIO PIANITTI, emigrant, head and face cut.
TIVIAN ITAL and W. ITAL and wife, emigrants, head and face cut.
JAMES P. TAYLOR, Bronson, Mich., face and leg cut.
ACE HART, brakeman, Detroit, head cut and knee hurt.
LAGO YAROJOVITZ, face and head cut.
DOMINICO POSTORA, emigrant, face and head cut.
DOMINICO MURGANDO, emigrant, head and face cut.
ANTONIO GIACEMUS and wife, head and face cut.
PASQUALE ZUMPANO, emigrant, head and face cut.
GAETANA ZUMPANO, emigrant, head and face cut.
LUCE VIRQUITO, emigrant, head and face cut.
CARLO SHAMPELLE, emigrant, head and face cut.
TILLIS TRIBUSCO, head and face cut.
Engineer WORK, nose broken and hurt internally.
Engineer STRONG, left leg sprained and left shoulder hurt.
Engineer PARKS, left leg mashed and hurt inwardly.
F. W. PIERCE, Chester, Mont., slightly hurt.
LOUIS SHOEMAKER, Adrian, Mich., hip injured.
JESSIE WILLIAMS, Detroit, back and hip.
GEORGE E. WHITE, New York, seriously injured.
WINIFRED CREHAN, Batavia, N.Y., slightly.
DR. BANEARD, Logansport, Ind., stomach hurt.
MRS. M. S. STRINGER, Belleville, Mich., spine and skull.
S. F. CARROLL, Tonawanda, N.Y., badly bruised.
AMELIA KOLEN, Globesville, Colo., slightly.
MRS. JOSEPH JAKSO, Globesville, Colo., slightly.
KATHERINE FLINT, Denver, Colo., slightly.
MISS MABEL THOMPSON, Detroit, slightly injured.
CARMEN E. POST, Italian boy, slightly.
HANK FLANNERY, Hastings, Minn., face cut, teeth knocked out.
MARY WILLIAMS, Sioux City, Iowa., cut about head.
OTTO HARE, Detroit, arm broken and ankle sprained.
JOHN SCHNIDER, Detroit, train boy, face cut.
MISS JESSIE WIGGINS, Detroit, glass driven into side.
J. H. MEAD, Clear Lake, Iowa, mouth painfully cut, all teeth knocked loose.
MRS. J. H. MEAD, severe cut on the head and bruised.