Kalamazoo, MI Interurban Cars Crash, May 1915

Kalamazoo, MI Interurban Cars Crash, May 1915

When News reached the city of the smash-up hundreds of people hurried to the scene expecting to find many dead and injured.  The new line operating under high 2,400 voltage has already gained fame for its fast service.  Cars in trial trips attained a speed of from 68 to 70 miles an hour.  The value of all steel cars for the safety of the traveling public was prominently brought out by the accident.

Paul Nutton, Plainwell, who was cut about the hands, is a student at Western normal.  He is the son of Prof. A. M. Nutten, superintendent of the public schools at Plainwell.  John C. Rupert, an employee of the railway company, suffered from a severely strained back and a number of minor bruises about the head.  He was taken to his home where his injuries were attended by Dr. C. C. Gillette.

Crash Inside City Limits.

The loop where the accident occurred is located a short distance above North and Harrison streets and just inside the city limit line.  The circular track is used by cars in turning around before coming into the terminal to start their runs back north.  John Armstrong, whose negligence, it is alleged, was responsible for the accident, was recently promoted from city line service.

As the accident occurred on the railway siding, service north and south was not handicapped during the day.  The local was removed from the scene a short time after the smash-up and the wrecking crew will drag the damaged flyer back onto the rails today.

Kalamazoo Gazette, Kalamazoo, MI 22 May 1915