Rochester, MI Gas Explosion, May 1992

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Rochester, Mich. (AP) - A natural-gas explosion leveled a two-story building downtown during rush hour Wednesday, killing one person and injuring 11 others, authorities said.
The blast shattered windows of some cars passing at the time and glass storefronts of other businesses on the block, witnesses said.
Firefighters tried to go through the rubble to make sure no one was trapped, but were called back because authorities feared another explosion.
"There was a big explosion and we ran over there and the building was all down. There were cars near the building and those people got injured," said Jeffrey Paul, who was in a restaurant when the blast occurred.
"There were cars that were in the street, and their windows were blown out by this explosion and people were cut up," Paul said.
Charles Grady, who works at a nearby gasoline station, said the explosion rocked the station. "It's a total disaster," he said.
Motorists driving by when the building exploded reported suffering ruptured eardrums, and passers-by said they were hit by bricks and other debris," WDIY-TV reported.
Before the blast, a city contractor
planting trees hit a natural gas pipeline outside the building, said Charles MacInnis, spokesman for gas supplier Consumers Power Company.

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