Wayne, MI Frank's Furniture Explosion, Dec 2010

Wednesday December 29 2010 at 910 AM Wayne Fire Departments were checking equipment at the start of the day when an explosion occurred one block north of the fire station. Engine-201 with Captain Ken Hines and Fire Fighter Troy Marltwize responded along with Rescue 203 with Fire Fighters Kevin Kimmel and Lt Fred Gilsdorft to 2945 Wayne Frank's Furniture Store, Fire Fighters arrived to find a major explosion in the store, the blast also effected 7 stores in the block, debris from the explosion was scattered everywhere blocking Wayne Road, Captain Hines called for all off duty fire fighters and Mutual Aid from area fire departments. Wayne Police Officer Ben Corney was with 3 citizens who were attempting to rescue a person trapped in the rubble, the officer has contacted by radio he needed assistance, Fire Fighters not sure how many people may be in the building. The building was also on fire. As fire fighters got the rear of the building or the east side they found officer Corney who now assisted by Patrolman Terry Webb and the civilians attempting to rescue Mr.Paul Franks the stores owner, who had serious injuries, the fire fighters went to work and removed Mr.Franks who was transported to the hospital by Canton Fire Department. Fire Fighters also found Matt Newport who was driving past the store when it exploded , the explosion damaged his car and caused cuts to his hands and face, Westland Fire Fighters transported him to the hospital, Captain Hines was advised by Franks that two other people were in the store. Hines requested the Western Wayne County Mutual Association Urban Search and Rescue Team and the Hazardous Materials Response team, Mutual Aid was coming in from many fire departments. along with help from the Wayne DPW. The Gas Company and The Edison Company. A staging and Commander Center was established across the street in a vacant strip mall, Work was started to locate the two trapped persons in the rubble. James Zell age-64 a salesman at the store and Leslie Machniak age 54 a Secretary at the store had been trapped in the rubble. Fire Fighters worked through the day to rescue the 2 persons trapped and by late evening both had been located DOA. Mutual Aid Assistance came from 20 fire departmentsm,10 police departments, 3 county Urban Search and Rescue Teams and many others such as the Red Cross, Private Ambulance Companys Homeland Security. A year long investigation found a natural gas leak was the cause