Ypsilanti City, MI Apartment Fire, Dec 1977

Ypsilanti Fire Department was called to 202 North Huron Street to Beyer Apartments on 24 December 1977 at 7 am. on the report of a house fire. Fire Fighters arrived to find a 3 story house that was constructed in 1883 and made into apartments with fire showing through the roof. The building held 12 apartments.

The fire started on the second floor and spread to the attic, Jose Jesus Lua Ceja who had a apartment on the third floor was removed from the building by fire fighters and transported to the hospital DOA. The fire took 2 hours to bring under control, with Mutual Aid assistance form the Ypsilanti Township Fire Department. Fire Chief Ralph Carford stated the home was built by Cornelius Cornwell a paper mill owner in 1883. The home was sold in 1901 to Augusta Beyer who provided endowment for Beyer Hospital in the City of Ypsilanti