Ypsilanti City, MI Rooming House Fire, Dec 1983

26 December 1983, Ypsilanti Fire Department was called to 103-105 South Huron Street at 8 am, in sub zero weather for a fire in a 103 years old large house used as a rooming house. The fire started in Wilson Ondeuo apartment who was age 33 and an exchange student from Kenya to the Eastern Michigan University , Ondeuo was rescued by fire fighters and transported to Beyer Hospital where he passed away 10 hours later. The fire started in Ondeuo room and trapping him between the fire and his exit. Fire Chief Michael Philbin stated Ondeuo died of smoke inhalation. Four Fire Fighters received minor burns and one fire fighter a nail puncture all were treated and released. The Octagon Style House was built in 1850 by Dr. Helen McAndrew