Dearborn Heights, MI House Fire, Apr 1976

Dearborn Heights Police Officer Richard Deptula arrived at 5132 Syracuse Street at 8:31 AM, to find a house fire, Deptula was advised persons were trapped in the fire. Marcilla Brubaker Age-23 was awaken by a blaring stereo to find the house on fire. She suffered serious burns on 70% of her body, Office Deptula pulled out a window of the house to safety. Four other persons were found dead in the fire. The largest loss of life in the communities history at a single fire. One man and one woman were found dead in a first floor bathroom, 2 others in a second floor bedroom. Police Chief Donald Losse stated the cause of the fire may be a cigarette. Deputy Fire Chief Duane Olson stated the fire started in the kitchen of the home. The fire was discovered by students on the way to Madison School across the street. The following died in the fire
Denise Turnel Age-18
Kyle O'leary 18 of 24142 Kennedy Dearborn Heights
Donald Poismier 19 of 1449 Charlesworth Dearborn Heights
Paul Johnston 22 of 23044 Audette Dearborn.
All four had spent the night in the house. The house was rented by Miss Brubaker along with Brenda Jablowski 19, Denise Turnel 18 all of which were waitress at a near by bar.