Detroit, MI Hydroplane Racer Killed, Sep 1961

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Detroit (UPI) - Stocky BOB HAYWARD,
33, Embro, Ont., who retired as a chicken farmer this summer to devote more time to hydroplane racing and won the world championship, was killed at his new occupation Sunday in the famed Silver Cup race.
HAYWARD'S Miss Supertest II went into the first turn of the first lap of the third heat at nearly 150 miles an hour, bounced into the air between two other boats, crashed down on its right sponson and flipped back on its left side.
The wild wig-wag slammed the boat upside down against the churning waters of the Detroit River and the momentum carried the wrecked craft on through a complete roll.
HAYWARD was untangled from the wreckage by Bud Salle, driver of Thunderboat, who stopped his boat and jumped in the water to attempt a rescue. A guard boat picked up the injured HAYWARD and he was rushed to an ambulance.
Fate hadn't finished with the handsome driver. The ambulance and its motorcycle escort struck a car which pulled into their path from a side street. HAYWARD was dead on arrival at Detroit Receiving Hospital.
HAYWARD was a three-time winner of the Harmsworth Trophy and had placed an iron grip on the world title for Canada. He defended against Miss Detroit just last month and breezed to victory.

Shamokin News-Dispatch Pennsylvania 1961-09-11