Inkster, MI Airplane Crash, Oct 1973

10 October 1973 Inkster Michigan,7:30 PM, a twin engine Beechcraft with 8 souls on board from Milwaukee to Viriginia on a flight that originating out of Montreal, attempted to land at Detroit Metro Airport in Romulus MI, for a custom inspection. The plane was landing in heavy fog and light rain. As it approached the airport it disappeared from the radar. Witness on the ground said the motor seemed to be missing. The pilot attempted to land in a open field at Lehigh and Pine. The plane skidded about 550 feet down a residential street and slammed into a utility pole at which time the plane burst in flames, witness said they could here screams from inside the plane. the crash took the following lives
Joseph Berger age 64 of Milwaukee
Sally Berger age 23 of Milwaukee Josephs daughter
Raymond Pritt age 34 of Milwaukee
Margaret Pritt age 32 of Milwaukee
Pamela Pritt age 9 of Milwaukee
Mary Pritt age 8 of Milwaukee
Pat Pritt age 6 of Milwaukee
Michelle Pritt 6 months of Milwaukee
Inkster Police Lt Wilbert Reed said Raymond Berger was the polite
Inkster Police found a crowd of 1.200 persons had gathered a attempt to move the crowd caused persons in the crowd to throw rocks at Police, assistance was called from Westland Police, and Wayne County Sheriff Department who arrived riot equipped to move the crowd. Police were assisted by 40 Civil Defense workers. Inkster Fire Department received assistance form Metro Airport FD, Wayne FD and the Mutual Aid Fire Squad of MI