Benton Harbor, MI Automobile Crash Kills Five, Sep 1956


By The Associated Press.

A Berrien County crash that cost five lives late Sunday night swelled Michigan's weekend traffic toll to 17 dead. Several other persons were hurt critically and in all 23 persons lost their lives from accidental causes.
Four persons drowned, one man was struck by a train and another person died in a fire.
State police said the slight warming trend in the weather apparently brought scores more automobiles onto the state's highways.
The most tragic accident occurred about 14 miles northeast of Benton Harbor on a county road. Five persons died in that one, and one of the victims was nine months pregnant. Doctors could not save her child.
Three other persons were injured - one critically - in the Berrien County crash. The victims were 47-year-old FINESS BROOKS of Hartford; his 24-year-old son, GLENN BROOKS, also of Hartford and Eutis, Fla.; DAVID ADAM ROBERTS, 26, of Rt. 1, Covert; MRS. FRANCEEDA TIO, 30, of Rt. 3, Coloma, and MRS. SHIRLEY FINEHOUT, 20.
MRS. TIO was expecting a child.
The injured are J. D. COLLINS, 28; JOHN STILWELL, 20, and ROSEMARY MARTIN, 24, all of Benton Harbor. All were hospitalized.
Berrien County Deputy Sheriff Lyle Rutter said witnesses told officers that COLLINS was traveling at an excessive rate of speed and disregarded a stop sign. Deputy Rutter said COLLINS will face a manslaughter charge.

Ludington Daily News Michigan 1956-09-10