Detroit, MI Palm Sunday Tornado, Mar 1920

Eleven Dead in Michigan.
Special to The New York Times.
DETROIT, Mich., March 29.---Eleven persons are known to have been killed, scores were injured and damage estimated at $37,000,000 was caused in south and central Michigan by the storm which swept over that section Sunday night.
Four are dead in the vicinity of St. Johns, where the greatest loss of life and property ensued, and the damages there are estimated at $1,000,000. The new Grank Trunk Station was demolished. A freight train of eight cars was lifted off the rails and set down on its side some distance away on another siding.
The path of the storm lay gernerally from west to east through the south central tier of counties. Barry, Calhoun and Genesee were the worst hit. The worst devastated areas were west of Battle Creek and in the vicinity of Fenton, sixteen miles south of Flint. Areas as far north as Traverse City were affected, however.
The George Bilson home at Maple Grove was swept away and the family, which had been sitting around the dining room, was scattered in every direction. One daughter, who had been ill, was found dead with her chest crushed and her neck broken. The father's shoulder was fractured and his left ear torn nearly off. A married daughter was found forty rods away, still holding her two-year-old child.
The James Moon farmhouse was leveled, the bodies of Mrs. Moon and Mrs. Brooks being found in the debris. Almost every bone in the latter's body was broken.
Pine Lake, near Lansing, a Summer resort, was almost completely wiped out, the damages being placed at $100,000. No more than half a dozen of the several score of Summer homes remain intact. The Turner Hotel is standing, though badly damaged. The dance hall, garage, and part of the Turner store has disappeared.
Thousands of head of live stock were killed throughout the State. The tornado was followed by a heavy downpour of rain and hail, and many roads are impassable today. Miles of telephone and telegraph poles are down, and it is feared further loss to life and property will be reported when communication is restored.
The New York Times, New York, NY 30 Mar 1920


1920 tornado

My great grandmother who lived on Fenton road in Fenton was killed in this tornado. There were pictures of the damage in the Flint paper.